“I am able to understand almost everything, but I am shy to express my opinion fully. I have lack of confidence to speak non-native language”. If you ever had such thoughts, we can help you to figure out ways to make your speaking skills better. Where to practice spoken language online? How to keep track of learning language?

There’s an enormous list of language learning resources that you can use to improve your speaking, but above all, your goal needs to be to seek out good method for you and to spend time productively speaking to them. There are variety different apps to help you find native speakers of almost any language who want to learn your language in exchange.


No matter where you are, apps will help to practice listening, improve your pronunciation, and learn to speak a foreign language like a local. The most important to find the way that suits you. The biggest advantage is that on language exchange websites, you`re having fun while you`re learning.

Everybody`s looking for really easy way to find exchange language friend. They`re willing to reach out to native speakers and tell: “l want to practice language”.  However, often it’s not such a simple process. In reality, everything happens exactly as it does in life. In addition to being interested in exchanging the language, you have to provide value for your partner and be interesting.

Friendly atmosphere

There is famous saying “Let’s share. Sharing is caring”. We share things to make our friendship strong, to build a relation of trust on each other and make others happy to whom we love. Same with languages -one of the best method to practice with native speaker to share knowledge instead. That means you can share your native language and get lessons in return. Always be ready with an idea of how you can help a person so that he can fail you with their time. In that way, you could practice your language. Language exchanges are definitely an effective and fun option.

The benefits of language exchange are obvious. In order to help you enjoy speaking process and meet true native speaker, we have complied a list of useful tips, online sources for learning language and find native speaker.

Topics of the speaking club


No need to rush, begin to talk with a native speakers slowly. Hellotalk gives you an amazing chance to speak with language partners, via text, voice recordings, voice calls, and even doodles.

With this approach, you can develop your confidence in the language to speak with them on a video visit in which HelloTalk gives the whole talk message.


iTalki is a fabulous asset for helping students to kick-start their language exchange. iTalki provides you with a lot of fantastic speakers. There is an extraordinary scope of speakers who you can choose depending on the assessor to enable you to locate the best instructor for you. Book a meeting with them and pay to use iTalki credits. It`s simple, fun, and hands-down a flawless method to begin talking with a local speaker. iTalki is incredible for making another dialect accomplice for your next learning objective.


Many users love the Papora site functions. There`s a composition area where you can post a message and have different clients critique it and leave remarks. They can be single sentences or numerous passages, and somebody who knows the language can clarify where you might need corrections for future postings. Papora gives you a chance to add clients as partners; you can also send them a smile and a private message. Your profile can add numerous dialects (with your skill level) that you know and the language you want to learn. There is also a text area where you can compose whatever you`d like individuals to know about you.


This site was founded by a teacher and a student of a language exchange workshop who realized language classes and immersion alone aren’t enough to truly master a language. For this reason, they created a community where language learners can connect and share their skills with one another. Once you become a member, you can access other users’ profiles, which feature the person’s name, photo, language they speak, the city they’re from and a description about themselves and what they hope to achieve through the language exchange program.


Scrabbin isn’t much different than other language exchange sites.

You can look for different clients by their gender, city, and their native language. Clients can be reached by sending them private messages. After that, you ask them outside like Skype, telephone calls, instant messaging, or some other method.

In Scrabbin, they have a gathering where all users can meet with one another.


Since you`ve read this far, you’re obviously serious about learning Slavic language. And that means there’s a good chance you’ll love our Slavi speaking club. It goes without saying that the best way to learn how to speak a language is to actually speak it. Reading and studying grammar books will only get you so far. Speaking clubs help you to learn language without breaking the bank, but have fun and enjoy while doing it!

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