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We know that learning languages is not a simple task, but learning Slavic languages is twice as hard. When you open a textbook of the Russian language and see cases, declensions and much more. Under such conditions it is not easy to maintain motivation in learning Slavic languages.

But what can help you stay motivated and achieve your goals? From our own experience, we have seen that the easiest way to enjoy a foreign language is to use it in real life.

You can spend years reading books and not be able to explain to a taxi driver where you are going. Maybe that’s not what you’ve been working hard for for so many years. When it comes to speaking a language, there is only one way to develop it – to speak. is a great way to speak Russian, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian and other Slavic languages. We organize conversational meetings for people who already know the basics of the language and can build simple sentences.

If you are not sure of your level of language proficiency, we have prepared materials for you to help you figure it out.

Today we meet to practice Russian and prepare Czech and Polish for release.

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