Who are we?

Do you like to speak foreign languages as much as we do?

The ability to speak a foreign language is a real satisfaction. It is especially gratifying to know that the time you have spent learning a language has not been in vain.

Topics of the speaking club

You get unlimited opportunities

You’ve probably had the opportunity to travel to other countries, meet foreigners online, and you realize how useful even your limited language skills are.

When you speak a foreign language fluently, you have the opportunity to expand your horizons.You can find love, move to another country, find a new job and get into places and situations where you simply did not have a chance to get into without knowing the language.

Sounds good but…

But when it comes to finding your way to fluency, it no longer sounds so intriguing. Hours spent behind textbooks, applications and classes. Many people never get the results they want.

This issue is particularly acute in Slavic languages. Cases, declensions, unspeakable sounds, etc. can terrify even an experienced polyglot.

We are here to help

The main goal of Slavi.club is to help people overcome language barriers and enjoy learning your target language. Whatever your goal related to Slavic languages, the most effective way is to start speaking in those languages.

Yes, you need to take some time to learn grammar and memorize words, but at the same time you should not forget about real practice.

Speaking clubs

Slavi.club speaking clubs are a solution for those who want to improve their speaking skills in Slavic languages.

We hold online meetings where there is a moderator who will help to create a friendly atmosphere and break the ice between participants.

Each session has its own topic and prepared questions for your convenience. But if you find more interesting questions and topics for discussion you are free to change the proposed program.

Slavi.club is a place for all those who want to develop themselves and find friends by their passions. Our team does everything so that you can overcome uncertainty and speak Slavic languages. 

Meet our team

Roman Malov


Lesia Kotovska

Community manager

Teresa Bundgård

Customer success manager

Our office

Purkyňova 127, 612 00 Brno-Medlánky, Czechia.

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